Use Cases

The Khresmoi project addresses three end user groups:

  • Members of the general public want access to reliable and understandable medical information in their own language;
  • Clinicians and general practitioners need accurate answers rapidly—a search on PubMed requires on average 30 minutes, while clinicians typically have 5 minutes available. Furthermore, over 40% of searches fail to provide relevant information;
  • Radiologists are drowning in images—at larger hospitals over 100GB (over 100’000 images) are produced per day.

These end user groups are addressed in two use cases:

Representative groups of end users are available for sizable evaluations, accessed through a medical search engine (Health on the Net) with 11’000 queries per day, a professional association of 2’700 medical doctors (Vienna Society of Physicians), and two radiology departments with 175 radiologists (Medical University of Vienna and University Hospitals of Geneva).