Khresmoi for Industry

This page provides links to outcomes of Khresmoi that are useful for companies.

Khresmoi Outcomes

The page gives an overview of the components and prototypes developed in the Khresmoi project, with the possibility to request information on their further use. More detailed information, including links to relevant project deliverables, is given below.

General Information


Khresmoi is producing software for text analysis, semantic search, medical image analysis and search, search interfaces, machine translation and knowledge bases. See the software page for links to this software, and links to Khresmoi Deliverables giving technical details of its use in Khresmoi.


Khresmoi for Everyone: A search engine aimed at easing medical information search for the broadest group of end users:

Khresmoi Professional: A search engine providing professional search features for medical professionals.

Khresmoi Radiology: A search engine with advanced image search capabilities for radiologists. Watch the videos showing the prototypes for 3D image search and 2D image search.

Cloud-Based Service-Oriented Architecture

Khresmoi is creating a cloud-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for the integration of the multiple Khresmoi components (see software above) into a single system. The following deliverables cover this work:

  • State of the Art, Concepts and Specification for the "Early Software Architecture" (Deliverable 6.3.1)
  • Evaluation of the "Early Software Architecture" and further specification (Deliverable 6.3.2)
  • State of the Art, Concepts and Specification for the "Early Cloud Infrastructure" (Deliverable 6.4.1)
  • Prototype and evaluation of the "Full Cloud Infrastructure" (Deliverable 6.4.3)
  • Specification of the "Early Integrated infrastructure" (Deliverable 6.5.1) and evaluation of this infrastructure (Deliverable 6.5.2)

Domain Analyses

Analyses of the use of search for medical information for the following end users were done:

Further analysis of the results for the medical professional and general public groups led to a specification based on their requirements (Deliverable 8.2).

Contact Information

Information on how to contact the coordinators of the Khresmoi project.