Khresmoi Spin-off Radiology Explorer wins Sallinger Science & Business Award 2016

The Khresmoi Spin-off Radiology Explorer won the 2016 Award for Bridging Science and Business from the Rudolf Sallinger Foundation.

Radiology Explorer is based on technology from the Medical University of Vienna. It is being supported by the Informatics Innovation Center i2c of the Vienna University of Technology.

Radiology Explorer is a fast and efficient search engine that can search 3-dimensional images and text. To search using Radiology Explorer, the user simply marks a region of interest on an image. Within seconds, this region is compared to other images stored in the hospital archives and to radiology reference works. The search results are the images with the visually most similar areas and their corresponding textual descriptions. This allows a radiologist to take advantage of the immense implicit knowledge available in the hospital image archives and link a case to reference images, without having to type in any queries.


Posted on 25/05/2016